PackMaster 2009 Install Instructions

1) Download the attached ZIP file (see link at the bottom of this page), extract it and run the setup program, this will install PackMaster 2009. It will prompt you to convert an existing database during the install - answer no.

Contact Gary St. Jean for the license information

2) Start PackMaster then, select the 'File->PackMaster DotNet' menu option and follow the on-screen instructions.

3) Check the box at the top of the DotNet dialog window "Activate PackMaster DotNet"

Contact Gary St. Jean for connection settings to enter for the DotNet dialog window.

4) Click "OK" on the DotNet dialog and the database should download and you're ready to use PackMaster. While you have it running it will lock the database to prevent others from overwriting your work.

WARNING: Do not click "Initialize Database" or "Delete DotNet Database" these options erase the database