Post date: Jun 23, 2014 2:11:18 PM

Parents are not going to have their children join Scouts if they don’t know what their kids can do in Scouting. We need to raise our profiles in the local communities. Today a great way to do that is through social media. That's why we are introducing the hashtag #ctScouts.

Why use a hashtag?

By including the hashtag #CTScouts in your facebook, twitter or other social media account others can find and share your post. In facebook, for example, put #CTScouts in the search bar and see what you can find. Try it – we have just started posting with this hashtag and need your help.

How do I use a Hashtag?

It's simple: type #ctScouts in your Facebook or twitter account. Your posting is now tagged for others to search for and see.

What can you post?

Pictures are the best with short messages. Post items like:

  • Congratulations to Scouts who just crossed over! With the school year ending this is a great time for this.
  • Eagle Scouts/Gold Award/Arrow of Light congratulations
  • Smiling pictures of kids at camp.
  • Scouts working at Service Projects.
  • Scouts at patriotic events.
  • A den or brownie meeting.
  • Trip or event photos.

The pictures need not be current - you can post pictures from throughout the year (very old pictures can be identified as "throwbacks"