Fund Raisers

Fund Raising Activities are Important 

These fund raisers are important to help pay for the Cub Scout activities, events and awards throughout the year.  Each scout should participate in at least 3 fund raising activities.


Sell popcorn through the national Cub Scout popcorn sales program.  The money from this program helps fund the national regional and local Cub Scout organizations.  This is the primary source of income for Pack 39 

Important Popcorn Dates

September - Scouts receive popcorn order forms and catalogs from their den leaders

November - All orders AND money is submitted to the Popcorn Kernel at the November Pack Meeting

December - Popcorn is received and distributed to customers in Early December

Show & Sell:

All cubs (or parents) who sign-up for and serve at least one shift will receive an equal share of the Show & Sell results to add to their own sales goals.

To Sign-Up for a time-slot (or more) email your request to Jen Neale at

Online Sales registration and more information can be found here:


 Can Drives

Can drives are the second source of income for Pack 39 

Can drives are held at the Congregational Church in Marlborough.  Town folk drop off their cans and the boys separate the bottles and cans and they are brought to a redemption center.

Each Cub Scout and parent should try to participate in the can drives.

Important Can Drive Dates: Nov 12, 2016.  Mar 18, 2017. June 3, 2017

at Marlborough Congregational Church