April Pack Meeting Date Change

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Please always check with the online calendar to verify dates and times of events.  The April pack meeting has been moved from the 5th to the 17th due to the spring concert for MES.

Membership Dues are Due!

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All boys that were in the pack as of June of 2016 need to pay your dues for next year ($60 dues and if you wish Boys Life add an additional $12).  This needs to be paid at our next pack meeting on the 16th.  All new boys who joined in Sept 2016 or later are paid up for next year.  Any questions let us know. 

Akelas February 2016 Newsletter

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Here is Akelas Newsletter for February 2016.

Akela's Newsletter Sept. 21st 2015

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Welcome to our First Pack meeting of the 2015-2016 year.  Please join me in welcoming the new families and Cubs that have joined our pack this year.  This year is going to be an exciting one.  All the new changes in the program look to keep the boys interested and engaged.  The Den leaders should be getting their schedules out to you so we get this scouting year rolling.  If you have not heard from them let me know.   You should have a hard copy of the Schedule for the pack as it stands right now, but we know things always change.  So please make sure to check the Website for updates.  I will also send out group  emails to update and remind everyone.  This Saturday we have our Bike Rodeo.  We will meet at the commuter lot off of RT 2 exit 16 heading east,  we will meet at 1pm.  We will go over some bike safety and then head out on a nice easy ride on the airline trail.  All family members are welcome.  Helmets are a must.  

October is just around the corner and we will start it off with a Parent and Leadership meeting.  All parents are welcome to come.  These meetings are where we go over the years plans.  If you have an opinion come in and let us know. Our first can and bottle drive will be held on Sat Oct 3rd in the First Congregational Church of Marlborough on South Main St.  at 9-12.  If anyone has a truck or tailor and would be able to help bring bottles and cans back to the redemption center after please let me know.  There will be a sign up online for the can drives as well.  We will be having a reward event this year for the boys that show up to these can drives.  

Wednesday the 7th we have an all den meeting in the Cafe.  Your den leaders will let you know if they will be using this night for a meeting or not.  the 17-18 will be our Pack Family Campout at Hurd state park.  I will be sending out an email on exact details as the date gets closer.  Octobers pack meeting will be held on Wednesday the 21st 6:30-8:00 in the Cafe.  

Just a note:  Novembers pack meeting will be about Diversity in our Pack.  Please sign up to do a short presentation of what makes your family diverse.  We want to inform and enlighten the boys to the diversity that makes up our wonderful community. 

* Popcorn Sales: 

The popcorn sales are the main fundraiser for our Pack.  We need the money to pay for activities, training, and awards. 

Each Scout is asked to set a goal to sell $350.00. 

Door to Door sales are allowed, but only with an adult, and Cubs should be in full uniform.  The Pack will match monetary value of all prizes awarded by 
Trails End.  Popcorn orders with full payment are due at our November 5th Pack meeting.  

Class B T-shirts are available:   $10 a piece. is our website.  Make sure to check there for any changes in the calendar or events.  Also like us on FaceBook at Cub Scout Pack 39.

Also other sites of interest are and

Volunteers needed- 
Assistant Cub Master


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Akela's Update (November) is online!

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<--- Click Left-hand navigation for the latest Akela's Update

11 Tips for Selling (More) Popcorn this year!

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The cubs are going to LOVE tip #7! (Hint: The leaders will not!) Here's a fun and informative article with some great tips for selling popcorn this year:

I'm going to add Tip #11 - Sell popcorn online to friends & relatives who might be too far away for you to visit directly! Click here for details:


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Parents are not going to have their children join Scouts if they don’t know what their kids can do in Scouting.  We need to raise our profiles in the local communities. Today a great way to do that is through social media. That's why we are introducing the hashtag #ctScouts.

Why use a hashtag?

By including the hashtag #CTScouts in your facebook, twitter or other social media account others can find and share your post.  In facebook, for example, put #CTScouts in the search bar and see what you can find.  Try it – we have just started posting with this hashtag and need your help.

How do I use a Hashtag?

It's simple: type #ctScouts in your Facebook or twitter account.  Your posting is now tagged for others to search for and see.

What can you post?

Pictures are the best with short messages.  Post items like:

  • Congratulations to Scouts who just crossed over! With the school year ending this is a great time for this.
  • Eagle Scouts/Gold Award/Arrow of Light congratulations
  • Smiling pictures of kids at camp.
  • Scouts working at Service Projects.
  • Scouts at patriotic events.
  • A den or brownie meeting.
  • Trip or event photos.

The pictures need not be current - you can post pictures from throughout the year (very old pictures can be identified as "throwbacks"

Summer = Summer Camp Fun!

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