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Akela's Updates - November 2011

posted Nov 30, 2011, 8:03 PM by Pack39 Pack39

Akela’s Newsletter  November 14, 2011

Welcome to pack meeting number 3 of the 2011-2012 year. Here is some important information on upcoming activities and other pack happenings:

·      Next Pack Meeting: The next pack meeting will be held on December 5th at 6:30 in the school cafeteria. This pack meeting will include the Uniform inspection, and the annual cookie swap. Each scout is asked to bring in 2 dozen cookies. All attendees will be able to walk through the line and chooses cookies to have there, or to bring home. The pack will provide milk to have with the cookies.

·      Uniform inspection overview. Each scout should wear their full uniform including the following:

o        Scout shirt – blue for cubs and beige or blue for WEBELOS

o        Matching scout pants – green slacks with beige shirt and blue slacks with blue Cub Scout shirt. Jeans will result in 1 point off the inspection score.

o        Scout belt

o        Appropriate neckerchief with slide of current rank

o        All patches in the correct location on the uniform current rank badge in place

o        Appropriate socks – dark blue for cubs and green for WEBELOS with beige shirt and green pants

o        Scout hat

o        Cub scout smile and positive attitude

o        Neat and tidy appearance – Fingernails, clean hands, shirt tucked in and buttoned correctly, pants straight, shoes tied, And hat on straight.

o        Shoes should be hiking boots, or a brown shoe… Sneakers will not result in a deduction, but will not provide a higher score either.

·      Date changes:

o        The Blue and Gold will be held on February 5th (Sunday) in the school café from 4:00 to 7:00. This year’s theme is “Resourcefulness” and it celebrates Boy Scouts of America 102nd Birthday.

·      Pack Swim – Camp Hemlock in Hebron is closing this year, they are not accepting any dates for swim parties. Does anyone have suggestion/ connections with another facility?

·      Volunteers needed – The following positions are open and volunteers are needed to fill them. Please consider helping the pack to provide your son with a valuable Scout Program. I would be happy to discuss any of these positions/ jobs with you. (see additional sign-up sheet to be circulated)

o        Web page administrator

o        Assistant Pack Leader

o        Pine Wood Derby Volunteers

o        Popcorn Kernel to take over next year

o        Popcorn transporters and sorters (1 day – December 3rd (at least 4 people needed)

o        Summer camp/ Camping Chair – must attend summer camp with boys and be willing to plan additional Pack/ Family camping trip

o        Bottle drive chairman – schedule and run bottle return days. Can get info for setup, locations and return procedure in place for other volunteers to help run.