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Akela's Update - October 2013

posted Oct 17, 2013, 6:53 PM by Pack39 Pack39

Akela’s Newsletter  October 16, 2013

Welcome to pack meeting Number 1 of the 2013-2014 year. Here is some important information on upcoming activities and other pack happenings:

      Next Pack Meeting: The next pack meeting will be held on Wednesday, November 6th  at 6:30 to 8:00 at the School Cafeteria. 

The annual Uniform inspection and Pack Photo will happen at the November Pack Meeting. Scouts should wear a full Class A uniform which includes the following:

-       Cub Scout shirt with proper patches

-       Blue pants or shorts

-       Dark Socks

-       Dark/ brown shoes… not sneakers

-       Neckerchief with proper slide

-       Rank badge (Bobcat/ tiger/ wolf/ bear) located in correct location

-       Cub Scout Handbook for appropriate rank

-       Hat for appropriate rank

-       Cub Scout belt

-       Clean hands and fingernails

-       Neat Appearance (shirt tucked in, hair combed/ brushed, clean face…etc)


·      Popcorn sales

o        The Popcorn sales are the main fundraiser for our Pack. We need the money to pay for our activities, training, and awards.

o        Each Scout is asked to set a goal to sell at least $350.00 in Popcorn.

o        Door to Door sales are allowed, but only with an adult, and scouts need to be in full uniform

o        The pack will match the monetary value of all prizes awarded by Trails End.

o        Filled in Popcorn Orders are due to be turned in to your Den leaders on November 6th.

o        Please collect money Up front and indicate that popcorn will be delivered sometime at the beginning of October.

o        Parents, please convert all cash collected into a personal check.

o        Any sales made and charged to a Smart Phone Cube (credit card) will be collected at the cost minus the fee of (2.5%) the pack will not hold the parent wit the I phone responsible for the 2.5% fee.


·      Bike Rodeo – Saturday, October 19th from 1:00 to 3:00. We will meet at the Airline trail parking lot on route 85 in Colchester, next to the old lumber Yard.

o        Please be sure to bring your bike and bike helmet. Bikes with training wheels are welcome. We will group the boys appropriately and adjust the length of the ride based on ability.


o        Parents are need to ride along with the groups and to maintain control

o        We will go over bike safety prior to beginning the ride.

o        All boys who attend will earn their Cycling Belt loop.

o        Bottled water is a good idea

o        This is weather dependant, if it is raining, I will get an e-mail out to the distribution list by 10:00 with cancellation.


·      Update on Trip to the Intrepid Air Craft Carrier:

o        Current pricing for a bus is just over $2000 for a round trip up to 53 passengers. I need to know how many that are signed up for the trip will commit to taking the bus.

o        We will have a few can drives to help offset the cost of the bus. If we make $250 per can drive, the total will be $750 off the bottom line Total would be aprox $32 per person for the ride. (if all 43 currently signed, up take the bus)

o        We need scouts that are going on the trip to volunteer, with their parents, to work these can drives.

o        The first can drive is scheduled for Saturday October 26th from 8:00 to 11:00

o        After 11:00 we need volunteers to help get the cans over to the redemption center.

o        We will open the trip up to Siblings and additional parent to fill the bus and disperse the cost over more attendees. Note: the minimum age for visitors to the Intrepid is 6 years old. This is a first come first serve basis- once the space is filled no more reservations will be taken.


·       New t-shirts in Youth small and Youth Medium will be here by the next pack meeting.

·      Training Pow Wow- November 16th at the East Windsor High school. The pack will pay for anybody interested in participating in a day of training.

·      www.pack39.com - The Pack webpage is UPDATED…. Tom Paquette is the Web Master for the Pack. (webmaster@pack39.com).

·      Facebook: “Like” Cub Scout Pack 39 for Facebook updates.

·      Volunteers needed – The following positions are open and volunteers are needed to fill them. Please consider helping the pack to provide your son with a valuable Scout Program. I would be happy to discuss any of these positions/ jobs with you. (see additional sign-up sheet to be circulated)

o        Assistant Pack Leader

o        Summer Camp/ Camping Chair – must attend summer camp with boys and be willing to plan additional Pack/ Family camping trip

o        Parents to run events for next year (Committee Members)

§         Pack sleep over… make reservations; collect money; give pack updates and ask for participants

§         Blue and Gold Banquet

§         Pine Wood derby

§         Awards Chair to work with Nancy Gianetti this year