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Akela's Update - November 2012

posted Nov 7, 2012, 1:15 PM by Pack39 Pack39

Akela’s Newsletter  Nov. 7, 2012

Welcome to pack meeting Number 3 of the 2012-2013 year. Here is some important information on upcoming activities and other pack happenings:

      Next Pack Meeting: The next pack meeting will be held on Wednesday, December 5th at 6:30 to 7:45 at the School Community room. 

o        We will have a skit/ song night… den participation is required.

§         Each den should plan to do a  song or a skit in front of the Pack… please let me know in advance what you plan to do so that we do not have repeats.

§         I will announce the winners of the Uniform inspection

§         We will reveal the outcome of the Popcorn drive

§         We will have a cookie sap;

·         Each scout should make up to 2 dozen cookies

·         Bring a container to bring home some other cookies

As usual Siblings are welcome and encouraged… they can come enjoy some entertainment and then partake in some delicious cookies.

·      Updates/ Additions to calendar:

o        Sleepover in April: At the last leader’s meeting we discussed what the Pack will do for the Sleepover in April… It was decided that we would go to Battleship Cove this year. I made a reservation for April 13th. The cost is $55 per person ($110 per parent/ son).


Once signed up to attend the family will be responsible for the fee of $110.00.


o        There will be another sleep over opportunity for the Pack. On January 12th to the 13th we have been invited to attend a sleepover in my Work-out (Fitness) gym in Glastonbury (182 Oakwood Drive (at the Keeney Trucking Parking lot)). This will be an opportunity for the scouts to try their best at some physical tasks that we will set up. The cost for this event is Free!!! We will meet at the gym, in Glastonbury,  on Saturday night at 5:00 and we will have to be packed up and out of the gym on Sunday morning by 8:00.


Each scout participant must be accompanied by an adult.


You will need:

Something to sleep on (mat/ cot/ mattress),

A sleeping bag,






Dinner should be brought with you (subway/ McDonalds/ Home made)… the pack will Provide Dunkin Donuts for breakfast.


Please sign-up for this event as well.


·      Pack Hike – Saturday, November 10 from 1:00 to 3:00 pm at the Blackledge falls area on route 94 in Hebron. Take Jones Hollow road to the end (bearing right at the fork). At the end you will be at route 94 and you should take a left. Black ledge falls will be on the right. Please wear your CLASS B uniform shirt with appropriate pants / jacket/ gloves/ etc.

o        Please be sure to bring Something to drink. Walking sticks are welcome, but will be confiscated if used inappropriately.



·      Popcorn Orders- Popcorn orders are due, to your Den leader, on November 10th – the same day as the Pack Hike. Dens should turn in one order per den to Mike Steinbrecher.  All cash should be converted to a check and turned in that way…

o        Awards were announced Via e-mail earlier this week… they will be:

o        Matching gift cards to the ones provided by Trails end.

o        The grand Prize will be a telescope worth more than $125.00


·    Training Pow Wow- November 17th at the East Windsor High school. The pack will pay for anybody interested in participating in a day of training.


·      I am in need of Volunteers for Popcorn Pick-up in December 1st. We will meet at 8:30 and caravan over to South Windsor for a 9:30 pick-up. Then we will go to my house to divide the popcorn into dens. Anybody with trucks or large SUV’s would be appreciated.


·      November 28th is scheduled for a “Den Meeting Night”. This will be in the school café from 6:30 to 7:30. This would be a good time to practice for your skit/ song for the December Pack Meeting. This is intended to be free Time for Dens to meet, with other pack leaders there to help, to get additional items completed.



·      www.pack39.com - The Pack webpage is UPDATED…. Tom Paquette is the Web Master for the Pack. (webmaster@pack39.com).

·      Facebook: “Like” Cub Scout Pack 39 for Facebook updates.

·      Volunteers needed – The following positions are open and volunteers are needed to fill them. Please consider helping the pack to provide your son with a valuable Scout Program. I would be happy to discuss any of these positions/ jobs with you. (see additional sign-up sheet to be circulated)

o        Assistant Pack Leader

o        Popcorn Kernel to take over this year – Speak to John Arruda for position details

o        Summer Camp/ Camping Chair – must attend summer camp with boys and be willing to plan additional Pack/ Family camping trip

o        Parents to run events for next year (Committee Members)

§         Pack sleep over… make reservations; collect money; give pack updates and ask for participants

§         Blue and Gold Banquet

§         Pine Wood derby

§         Awards Chair to work with Nancy Gianetti this year

§         Pack Treasurer -  Needed immediately