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Akela's Update - December 2013

posted Jan 2, 2014, 4:51 PM by Pack39 Pack39

Akela’s Newsletter  December 18, 2013

Welcome to pack meeting Number 4 of the 2013-2014 year. Here is some important information on upcoming activities and other pack happenings:

      Next Pack Meeting: The next pack meeting will be held on Monday, January 13 at 6:30 to 8:00 at the School Multi Purpose room. 

-       This Pack meeting will be the annual Pack Olympics. Each Den is asked to come up with an activity that can be completed by the other dens on a round Robin type activity. The duration of each station will be 15 minutes. The Tigers are not required to have an activity.

o     There will be no awards presented at this next pack meeting.

o     Scouts are asked to wear their Class B (Pack t-shirt) for this event.

o     The round robin events are strictly for fun, there are no finish places awarded nor prizes.


·         On Wednesday January 8 there will be a Den Meeting night, followed by a parent/ leaders meeting. This will start at 6:30 in the school café and will go to about 8:00. We will have activities for the scouts to do while we conduct our meeting.

This night is designed to provide another meeting opportunity for each den. The café will be split into quarters and each den will have a corner of the cafe. Mr. Steinbrecher will be available to help with skills if you would like. The pack flags will be there as well so that dens can practice being a color guard.

·         On Saturday January 25th we will have the Pack Swim event. It is scheduled to start with swimming at 1:00 at the Healthtrax fitness center in Glastonbury.

o        The pack will provide Pizza for after the swim. We will have a room from 2:00 to 3:00 for the Pizza and drinks.

o        Please visit the Pack Web site and sign up. Please be sure to provide an accurate count of the number of attendees so that we are sure to have enough pizza for all.

o        As is usual, siblings are invited to attend and go swimming as well.


·      Update on Trip to the Intrepid Air Craft Carrier:

o        Current pricing for a bus is just over $2000 for a round trip up to 53 passengers. I need to know how many that are signed up for the trip will commit to taking the bus.

o        The next installment for the trip is due at this Pack meeting (Dec. 18th) and should be $50 for each person going.

o        The last installment will be due at the Blue and Gold banquet on February 9th.

o        We will have a few can drives to help offset the cost of the bus. If we make $250 per can drive, the total will be $750 off the bottom line Total would be aprox $32 per person for the ride. (if all 43 currently signed, up take the bus) (We exceeded the estimate on the first can drive by almost $100 ….  Awesome job to all who helped.)

o        We need scouts that are going on the trip to volunteer, with their parents, to work these can drives.

o        The Next can drive will be scheduled for a Saturday at the beginning of January. Currently scheduled for January 4th with a bad weather day of January 11th. The third can drive will be scheduled for March 22nd.


·       New t-shirts in Youth small and Youth Medium are here.

·      www.pack39.com - The Pack webpage is UPDATED…. Tom Paquette is the Web Master for the Pack. (webmaster@pack39.com).

·      Facebook: “Like” Cub Scout Pack 39 for Facebook updates.

·      Volunteers needed – The following positions are open and volunteers are needed to fill them. Please consider helping the pack to provide your son with a valuable Scout Program. I would be happy to discuss any of these positions/ jobs with you. (see additional sign-up sheet to be circulated)

o        Assistant Pack Leader

o        Summer Camp/ Camping Chair – must attend summer camp with boys and be willing to plan additional Pack/ Family camping trip

o        Parents to run events for next year (Committee Members)

§         Pack sleep over… make reservations; collect money; give pack updates and ask for participants

§         Blue and Gold Banquet

Pine Wood derby